mercoledì 21 settembre 2016

September 21, 2016

First Rotary Meeting: Two nights needle, was my first Rotary meeting. All of the exchange students went to give a short presentation about Their home country, city, and family as well as touch on our new host families. We each made ​​a power point That Showed pictures, and we presented in Italian to a large group of past, present, and future exchange students as well as their Families, and Rotarians. Everyone was extremely supportive and helpful During the presentations despite our lack of fluency. After the presentations, we each went to the front and Exchanged Rotary Club flags with the president of the rotary. It was an amazing evening.

School:  I had my first day of school on Thursday the 16th of September. The school day is very different than a school day in the US. For example, for the first 2 weeks to the two Sicilian grueling heat, the school day is only four hours long. The students stay in the same room where the teachers rotate to and from. All of my classes are very difficult and the teachers are not quite understanding That I am not here for grades, I am here for the cultures. However, I have many people at the school working with me to make sure That my time here is well spent. I love all of the kids in my class and was added to a class group chat, Which is only in Italian, so along with getting to know my peers, I am furthering my Italian !!

Sports:  Last night I had water polo practice. I have never done water polo, but the building where they practice is very close to my house so I Decided to try it out! It was so much fun! The I Practiced with about 8 people and everyone was extremely nice !! I cant wait to go back !!

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