mercoledì 8 febbraio 2017

February 8, 2017

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing well! This month has been much more relaxed than the past two were. On the 14th of January, I changed host families. I have met them a bunch of times before because they are still a part of the extended family. I now live a bit farther away from the city center where I was previously living, however, I have a brother now, Christian (and basically a sister because his girlfriend, Marta, is here everyday). I have been feeling my Italian vocabulary increasing more rapidly, and my English skills decreasing more rapidly. It has been really nice to always have someone my age to talk to around the house.

During this month, I have been more social, branching outside of my close Italian friend group, and going out with kids from different classes. I go to Ortigia to study with my friends or to someone's house. I really do have so many friends that I have made. However, my best friend that I have made is called Guido. He is so nice and so patient with my Italian. When I have rough days, he is always there to make me feel better. In fact, I had a fever one day when I was at the house of my first host family, and both of my parents had to work late. Guido and a few other friends had asked me if I could go out but said I couldn't because I was home alone with a fever. An hour later, Guido and three other friends of mine, Dario, Chiara, and Emi, showed up to my house to hangout with me, keep me company, and they even brought food. HOW could you not love them!?

My current host brother and I found and adopted a cat that we called, Oliver. However turned out that Oliver was more of an Olivia. She is actually really cute and I'm not even a huge cat person... but she does act a lot like a dog so that might explain it...

I have been going to Ortigia every Saturday early in the morning to go to a tutor of Italian. Her name is Lucia, and she lived in the United States until she was 10 when, with her family, she moved to Sicily. She knew no Italian, and had to teach herself. Since then, she has become completely fluent in Italian, married and Italian, and had 2 children. She has become fluent in her second language, however her native language of English is dissipating. The tutoring works as an exchange, she helps me with my Italian and I with her English.

Despite the "Sicilian cold" (50 degrees), gelato is still being eaten all the time because how could you not?

This past weekend was Guido's 19th birthday, so all of his friends threw a little party for him to celebrate.

Today, I went to Marta's house (Christian, my host brother's girlfriend) and had a spa day with her and her aunt. Her aunt, Norma, is very good at facials and nail painting, so we all had a little relaxing spa day.

I told you this month was boring! I hope everyone is well!!

Lots of Love,

This is from left to right Emi, Chiara, Dario (Guido's brother), and Guido when they came to visit when I was sick

My host brother, Christian with Olivia not Oliver

Always gelato!

This is Marta and I during a windy day at the beach

Claire, Guido, and I on Guido's birthday!

Marta at the "spa"

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